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The resource centre of JGCSR serves primarily the faculty, students and staff of the college. The combination of carefully selected traditional and digital resources  via browsing interface and supported by exceptionally fast response services. A library contains more than 1425, 08 international journals ,  24 and more magazine, periodicals, e-books of all subjects and general to make use for the academic and non-academic purpose.

The library is enriched with digital  facilities  and  computer system. Computer with OPAC search facility including internet access for use of  students  as  well  as  staff  members, printing, copying facilities are also available.


Canteen is not just the place where you go to eat. Especially in colleges and institutes of education this place is an open arena for debate, argumentative sessions on different issues, passing friends, cracking gossips, kidding and having loads of fun with cutlets, burgers, tea coffee and coke in between gap filters.

The college canteen is fairly new and provides enough and delicious food at affordable rates. Canteen will be opened from 8:00 AM to 5:30PM on all working days.


Trasportation Facility:

  • AMTS Bus Route No. 125 From Kalupur/Railway Station to Vahelal Via Naroda and 124 from Maninagar to Vahelal Via Nikol.
  • Facility of Connecting Bus Route No.128 and ST Buses is available up to the campus of the college.
  • The College is located at a short distance from Naroda.
  • Services of Shuttle Auto Rickshaws are available at the internal of every ten minutes.

Lab Facility